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AAA Pet Resort Advice

You know your beloved pooch more than anyone, so you can easily tell if something is amiss with its behaviour. But sometimes even the best dog owners miss out on the tell ’tail’ signs that indicate that their furry best friend is sick. Here are 6 signs that tell that your dog is not well:

1. Different Behavior

Mood swings are normal even among animals, but if you notice that your dog is behaving differently or strangely for more than a day then it could mean that it is not well. Some common irregular behaviors that indicate that your dog is not well include:

  • laziness
  • Irritability
  • Agitation
  • Withdrawal
  • Neediness or clinginess
  • Aggressiveness
  • Howling lowly frequently

Anything that is the opposite of your dog’s personality, in general, is a warning sign that you must take it to the vet.

2. Change in Weight

Some health issues such as unexplained weight loss or gain are only noticed after they are significantly visible. If you notice that your dog has become thinner or overweight, then assess the lifestyle of your dog. Are you feeding them too much or skipping out on daily walks and play time? Weight loss, on the other hand, could be a sign of diabetes or kidney disease, and you need to have it checked pronto.

3. Tummy Problems

Changes in your dog’s toilet habits can be one of the signs that your dog is not well. If your dog is urinating or defecating more than it regularly does or has trouble doing it, then it could be a sign of some infection in the intestines or its urethra. Loss of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea are also indicators that something is not right in your dog’s stomach.

4. Hair Loss

Your dog can experience hair loss due to a number of reasons such as allergic reactions, hormonal imbalance, mites, trauma changes in the feed. It could be shedding a lot of hair or have bald patches on its body.

5. Pain

Some dogs are vocal about their pain and howl away, while others suffer in silence. Therefore, you have to notice other signs such as swelling of the joints, trouble chewing or drooling, hesitance to move around much or play and trying to guard a body part if you come close to it or try to touch it.

6. Keeping to Itself

Dogs are generally very social and thrive on interaction of any sort, especially with humans and of their own. If your dog is keeping to itself and not making any effort to interact, then it could also mean that it is depressed. A lot of people don’t take the mental health of animals seriously, but it is important to note that they suffer too.

Dogs can get depressed and face withdrawal symptoms if any human or animal they were close to is gone. Many times, they feel depressed when they see that their owners are depressed.

As long as you watch out for these important signs and get them fixed, you will always have a healthy and happy dog.

All our guests have a great time

Born into the pet care industry, resort owner Michael Avery has owned various pet resorts across the Gold Coast. However, he considers AAA Pet Resort his crowning achievement. Michael’s vision to create a home away from home for Gold Coast pets has been realised, as many happy customers can attest. Our philosophy is simple, yet effective: to ensure all of our guests have a great time, in a loving, protective environment.

All AAA animal carers uphold Michael’s high standards of care and comfort. This is reflected in their compassionate, observant nature when caring for your best friend

We have a 5 star team

Our enthusiastic team of dog lovers is driven to provide you and your pet with the most comfortable, enjoyable pet resort experience, while you enjoy your time away. Each staff member lives up to this philosophy by caring for your dog’s health, happiness, and wellbeing. You can be confident that while having the time of their lives, your best friend is safe and well looked after.

Operating Hours

Our passionate staff will ensure your fur kids feel like part of the family during their stay at AAA Pet Resort.

Weekdays 7:00-11:00 am | 3:00-5:00 pm
Saturday 8:00-10:00 am | 3:00-4:00 pm
Sundays 3:00-5:00 pm

Closed public holidays
Please call for inspection times

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Twin Share and Private during pet boarding?

Each of our five room options can be booked as either a Twin Share or a Private, so it’s still the same room, the option just depends on if your dog would like to have the room to them self or if they’d prefer to share that room with a friend. With dogs who do not live together at home, we will only board two dogs together at any one time, except under special circumstances, in which case you would be notified about the situation prior to boarding.

How do you match the dogs for Twin Share?

If you have a dog who thoroughly enjoys the company of another dog, the Twin Share option may be suitable. We match dogs in the Twin Share option according to size and temperament, so if you have a small, calm dog, your dog would be matched with another dog who is small, who would like to integrate but not be too over the top during play. If you have a large, playful dog, your dog would be matched to someone who wouldn’t mind playing the day away with your dog. There are endless combinations of pet traits.

Is there always a dog match available at your pet resort?

There are instances where you may book your dog into a Twin Share room, but we may not have a dog boarding with us during that time who is suitable to share the room with your dog (Eg. Dogs got alone but one was much more playful than the other). If this occurs, we will be in touch with you to let you know that we weren’t able to find a match. When dogs are matched up, sometimes the dates that their booking goes for does not align. Your dog may be here for seven days, and their initial match may only be here for the first three days. The introduction process begins again once their first match has left.

What is the introduction process for the dog boarding?

We are very particular about which dogs share with one another, and our introduction process can take up to 3 or 4 hours. It’s most certainly not something we take lightly as we must ensure that both guests will feel comfortable being with one another during their stay. If there are any signs of anti-social behaviour from either dog, the introduction progress is ceased immediately.

If your dog has never boarded with us before, it’s highly recommended to book them a Private room so that you know the room is readily available for them to have them self should they require it. It’s very easy for us to change to a Twin Share, but due to availability, it’s not always easy for us to do it the other way around. Please get in touch with us if you’re unsure about which option is best for your dog.

Why are vaccinations important in Boarding Kennels or Pet Resorts on the Gold Coast?

If you’re looking for cat or dog boarding on the Gold Coast, your pet will be required to have current vaccination records. A good dog hotel on the Gold Coast will always protect all its canine and feline guests by making sure they are all up-to-date on their shots and healthy. Puppies and kittens require three initial vaccinations when they’re very young and then annual booster vaccinations and check-ups for life. Our requirements are C5 in dogs, and F3 in cats, and these vaccinations need to be conducted within the last 12 months, but not within 10 days of the arrival date to our resort. Be sure to ask your vet if you have any questions about your pet’s full protection and contact our friendly team to find out more about the vaccination requirements.

I want to say a big 'thank you' to that looked after my princess, Heidi. Normally, a dog would lose weight while in boarding, but if you send your dog here, he will come back with holiday kilos, as well as be taken care of just as they are at home. Will be bringing Heidi back next time!


Just picked up Roxy and Havoc after two weeks overseas. They had a wonderful time, and the feedback I received on my dogs was fabulous. The staff spent a lot of time with them, so there will be a few more holidays for me, knowing my babies are in excellent hands.


We have taken Mischy there several times now and we can leave her knowing that she will be looked after by some wonderful staff. Sometimes we wonder if she wants to come home or stay with the girls. We would recommend AAA Pet Resort to anyone and everyone.


Leaving your pet can be very nerve racking, but AAA Pet Resort were very professional and made it easy to do. They were contactable while we were away and took photos of our gorgeous girl for us to see. When we saw her face we were confident she was being cared for in the right hands.


Ace and Rose has had three stay's now the latest being the longest. They looked very healthy and happy when we collected them. Thank you AAA Pet Resort for taking fantastic care of our two fur babies!