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How Do Cats show love?

Cats have long been given a bad reputation for not expressing their love, especially when compared to dogs. True, they won’t run to you with joy like a dog, nor do they do any fancy tricks for you, but they are full of love for their ‘hooman’ family. Cat lovers can rejoice once they get to know that their kitty actually thinks positively of them once they read these 7 signs that express a cat’s love. It’s not easy to earn a cat’s affection and trust, but once you get it, you are part of the exclusive club.


1. Cats show love by kneading You

Whether it is your legs, arms or your belly, if little Felix loves to knead you, i.e., push its paws in and out against your body’s extra squishy area, it is trying to tell you that it loves you. Of course the more affection your cat has, the harder it might knead, and it can become painful. You can place a thick barrier between you and the cat if it becomes unbearable like a pillow or a blanket.

2. Shows You Its Belly

It might not seem like a big deal to you but for a cat, its belly is its most vulnerable and sensitive area. So if it plops in front of you and exposes its belly, then it means that it trusts you. This move is one of the signs that express a cat’s love. They wouldn’t do this in front of anyone.

3. Headbutting/Head Rubbing

This might seem like odd behavior, but when cats want to tell you that they love you, they will gently rub their head against you or head butt you. This is a classic feline behavior that makes the cat express that they are claiming or marking you as theirs.

4. Staring into Your Eyes

If your cat stares at you and slowly winks, then it is trying to say that it adores you a lot. It is a way of showing love and trust and in cat lingo, it is equivalent to being kissed.

5. Curve at the Tip of the Tail

Consider a cat’s tail as its antenna. Depending on how it is shaped or moving, it signifies certain things. Cats show warm feelings by fluffing the base of their tails and simultaneously leaving a curve at the tip. This looks like a cat’s happy tail dance as it rightly tells you that your kitty is happy to see you.

6. Rubbing Against Your Legs

If your kitty comes around and starts rubbing it against your legs, then rest assured that it is trying to rub its scent on you to show you that it is claiming you as its own. It is quite similar to the head butting behavior.

7. Following You Around

If your cat follows you around most parts of the day, then your cat is in love. Your cat clearly enjoys your company and wants to be around you.