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Every day, your cat will be loved and nurtured.




Cat Boarding Options

let us pamper your pet  

let us pamper your pet  

let us pamper your pet  

let us pamper your pet  

let us pamper your pet  

Let your pets stay in our luxury pet boarding facility.

Our Cattery

We all love going on holidays, but it can be hard to say goodbye to your best friend. If your furry friend is a cat or kitten, holidays can be a particular challenge.

Our beloved friends aren’t fond of a change of scenery. And, we can’t blame them, since a change of scenery usually means a trip to the vet, or being cooped up in a small cat kennel.

AAA Pet Resort’s cat boarding Gold Coast service could change their minds. When you bring your loved one to our caring pet hotel, they can enjoy their very own vacation. It’s a space designed especially for our fussy friends.

Our cattery Gold Coast service goes beyond cat boarding. Your best friend will spend time with our cat-sitting professionals, enjoying a scratch behind the ear or a friendly cuddle. Every day, your cat will be loved and nurtured in this relaxing, attentive environment.

In every room, our pet hotel room service includes a litter change twice per day, as well as two room cleans that include replacing bedding and water. Dry food is available during the day, and a tasty wet food meal is provided each evening. Cat food is included in our standard price.

If your best friend loves to look outside, you might like to reserve our window room. Here, there’s an interesting view to enjoy.

We know that our furry friends prefer their own space, so each cat boarding room is a separate place. If you have two guests staying with us, we can place them together or separately.

Our cattery goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a pet boarding facility. Here, your pet will spend time with our cat sitting professionals, who love lavishing your kitty with attention and love. The relaxing environment and luxurious surroundings are perfect for your finicky friend, and we’ll provide plenty of fun amenities, from catnip toys and scratch posts to cosy beds and even chandeliers.

Fun, Cuddles & Kisses


Your pet will be loved!

Premium Food Upgrade


Royal Canin or Steamed Chicken. Price per day.

Snack Pack


Per day

Medication Administering


Needles are $10 each

Tick/Flea/Worming Treatment


Per unit

Special Request Photo


On demand

Facebook Photo Pack


Five photos

Pick Up and Delivery

$45 +

Monday – Friday. Price each way
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Looking for a quality Cattery or a Cat Resort on the Gold Coast?

Preparing Your Cat for Their Stay in our Cattery on the Gold Coast

cute white and black cat isolated

Choose the right pet boarding facility for your cat

Choosing a Gold Coast cattery where your furry friend is looked after with the same care and attention you would give them yourself can calm your nerves and ensure that your pet is safe and happy while you’re away. At AAA Pet Resort, we understand how difficult it can be to leave your cat but rest assured – we’re cat lovers, too, and we’ll do everything we can to make your cat comfortable during their stay. We’ll provide plenty of individual attention, regular feeding times, luxury accommodation, and more.

Avoid dietary changes

If your cat is a picky eater, you may want to bring enough of their preferred food to last the entire stay. Also, before you leave, avoid dietary changes as sudden variations in your cat’s food may result in digestive issues.

Bring medications and any instructions

When you’re gathering all the things your cat will need for their stay at a cat motel on the Gold Coast, don’t forget their medications as well as any special instructions the staff needs to know. You should also provide the contact information of your vet in case an emergency arises. Bring copies of your cat’s vaccination records as well.

Be sure to book enough time

AAA Pet Resort is known for its outstanding service and care, and we are typically full – especially during holidays and weekends. Be sure to let us know how long your cat will need to stay with us so that we can provide the space, time, and attention they need throughout their stay.

Why are vaccinations important in Boarding Kennels on the Gold Coast?

If you’re looking for cat or dog boarding on the Gold Coast, your pet will be required to have current vaccination records. A good dog hotel on the Gold Coast will always protect all its canine and feline guests by making sure they are all up-to-date on their shots and healthy. Puppies and kittens require three initial vaccinations when they’re very young and then annual booster vaccinations and check-ups for life. Our requirements are C5 in dogs, and F3 in cats, and these vaccinations need to be conducted within the last 12 months, but not within 10 days of the arrival date to our resort. Be sure to ask your vet if you have any questions about your pet’s full protection and contact our friendly team to find out more about the vaccination requirements.