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Dog Boarding

Dog boarding has never been so good with AAA Pet Resort

Traditionally, dog boarding is merely a place for your furry friends to stay while you are away on holiday. Our passionate team has turned the traditional concept of boarding kennels on its head. Whilst most kennels offer basic dog boarding facilities, AAA Pet Resort is in a class of its own. Our first-class facilities - from luxury indoor and outdoor bedrooms, to a spacious exercise playground - are geared toward caring for your best friend's wellbeing.

If you have more than one dog, we offer Twin Share Suites so that family can always holiday together. Teaming this up with a daily routine will help them feel secure and comfortable, and as though nothing has changed.

Just because you have gone away, doesn't necessarily mean your pet's routine has to change. At AAA Pet Resort, we understand the importance of maintaining a dog's daily routine. It provides consistency and helps them feel secure and loved. Our caring staffs help to maintain your pet's daily routine by providing dog walking, playtime, general exercise and adhering to regular feeding times. If you have more than one dog, we offer dual or triple accommodation, so they can stay together. Along with a daily routine, this will help them feel secure, as though nothing has changed.

When you come to collect your best friend, our team will sit you down and tell you exactly what your pooch got up to. Knowing their dog stuck to their play, exercise, feeding and sleeping routine is enormously comforting.

Select Your Luxury Pet Suite
Private Resort Room
$37.00 per dog per day
Private VIP
$45.00 per dog per day
Private Queen's Villa
$50.00 per dog per day
Private Presidential Suite
$60.00 per dog per day
Private King's
$125.00 per dog per day
Private Suites
For $5.00 more per day