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Pet Motel on the Gold Coast: Five Paw Comfort

The anxiety of leaving your pets at home when you travel can be overwhelming. Did you pick the right pet, sitter? Will they get lonely? How do you know they're in good hands? At AAA Pet Resort, a premier pet motel on the Gold Coast, we absolutely understand your concerns. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring that your beloved furry companions are given the best of care, and are happy, and healthy. We offer five-star luxury pet accommodations for owners who want their pet to have only the best, most loving care. You may choose from five different elegant rooms with leather lounges, luxurious dog beds, indoor air conditioning, and beautiful chandelier finishes. Comfort and opulence abound as this is no ordinary pet motel.

Personalised schedules for feeding and playtime ensure that your precious pet will never be bored. In addition to walks and playtime, we offer such amenities as beach excursions and nature walks. For the pampered pup who needs always to look good, there's our luxurious spa bath and brushing. Even your cherished feline can experience the ultimate in comfort and attention in our cattery with cuddle time, catnip toys, scratching posts, and comforting little houses to sleep in when theyíve had enough fun. No other pet motel on the Gold Coast can offer this level of luxury and care for your treasured pets.

When you must leave your dear pets, for business travel or on holiday, make sure that they are in the best of hands. Our devoted AAA team is here to provide the finest care a pet can get. Call us on (07) 5525 2098 or apply online.